Focus and Scope


Jurnal Pertambangan is intended for researcher from the field of mining. Contributed articles may be focused on the field of mining both minerals and energy (coal, oil, gas, and also geothermal).

The scope of journal covers all aspects of exploration, operation-production, occupational health and safety (K3), mining environment, reclamation, post-mining activities, community development and empowerment in mining areas.  


Exploration is an activity to obtain detailed and meticulous information about the location, shape, dimensions,
distribution, quality and rated resources of minerals and energy.


Production Operations are activities that include construction, mining, processing and or refining, development and or utilization, including transportation and sale.


Reclamation is an activity carried out throughout stages of mining business to organize, restore, and improve the quality of the environment and ecosystems to function again accordingly to its designation.

Post-Mining Activities

Planned and systematic activities, continue after part or all of the Mining Business's activities are completed to restore the functioning of the natural environment and social functions according to local conditions throughout the nining area.

Community Development and Empowerment

Community Empowerment is an effort to improve the ability of the community, both in individual as well as coelective, in order to get a better level of life.